What are the benefits of using a Doula for childbirth?

Ok but first…What is a doula?

Doulas have been around for many years to help aid women who are giving birth. Doulas are there for their clients in any way that is needed during labor to help ease pain, work through contractions, help create a better environment for the mama, and empower them through one of the greatest things in life. We are there for massage therapy, aromatherapy, helping her to find new positions to labor in, showing partners how to comfort mama, or just simply being there when needed.

Prior to the birth, we meet with our clients to help create their birth plan and explain the options they have. We provide as much information as possible, but it is ultimately up to the mother on what they decide. Doulas support the mothers differently each time, based on what works for the client.

What are we NOT?

Doulas do not offer any medical advice. Even though we can educate the patients prior to labor of their options, we can not offer advice to their health or the baby’s health. Doulas do not check vitals, do cervical checks, or help deliver the baby, we are simply there for the mother and family!

So, what are the benefits of having a doula?

Doulas have shown to shorten labor time and improve outcomes by helping take the fear out of labor, allow the mother to let go and be herself, and show her she is 100% able to do this. Doulas can be used in ANY types of births such as unmedicated births, medicated births, inductions, c-sections, home births, hospital births, birthing center births, you name it! No matter how your baby comes, we are there for you, the family, and your child’s best interest.

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