Who uses doulas?

There is a common misconception on when a person would use a doula with their childbirth. Many people think that doulas are only for women doing unmedicated births at home. While that is an option, the truth is doulas can be used for any kind of birth!

Doulas are there to help support the mother, partner, and baby throughout labor, regardless of how birth happens. In fact, Doulas tend to have much more clients in the hospital setting.

So, what if you have a c-section? Doulas are there to help in any way of comforting you prior to birth to get you relaxed and prepared. After your birth, we can stay with you to help get you comfortable again and help with bonding time with your baby. Doula’s can be great resources for lactation questions and postpartum!

Regardless of your birth plan, we are there for you.

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